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Finding the moving truck that fits your needs


If you’re planning a move soon, finding the right moving truck is essential to a smooth move that’s free of chaos and hassles. With so many things to worry about like finding a new place to live, packing all of your belongings, planning for the special needs of your kids and pets, and having enough strong bodies to help load and unload your things, having an appropriately sized truck that fits your needs is one of the easiest tasks to plan for and take care of ahead of time.

Your first step on moving day: rent moving truck. Check for local moving truck rental companies as far in advance as possible. Your easiest option will be to search online. There, you’ll find many companies and their specific offerings. Are you moving locally? Do you need to cross state lines? Will you need items like moving pads and or dollies for moving and packing large items like washers and dryers or heavy entertainment centers.

Consider the size of the truck as compared to the size of your home. The moving truck rental companies will be able to provide guidance on the appropriate size truck to rent. They’ll want to know the number of rooms your moving, but remember to mention if you have several oversized items like king size beds, oversized sofas or sectionals, or heavy items like pianos or big screen TVs (especially the bulky, older models). The last thing you want on moving day is to get almost done and not have enough room for your stuff.

As mentioned earlier, where or how far your moving may also affect your finding the right truck for moving. There are regulations prohibiting some movers from crossing state lines. Most rental companies providing the truck only will allow their trucks to go one-way or across multiple states, but the costs may be more than expected. Again, research and compare various companies to find the price that fits your budget while allowing you to reach your destination. You may often hire people to help pack and unpack your truck separately from the actual truck rental, so consider this options also when planning for moving day.

Consider the other obvious features which you might assume to be true, but should be verified with a moving truck company ahead of time. Is there air conditioning in the truck? Will make things much more comfortable especially if you’re in a hot climate and you’ll be doing most of the work on moving day. Is the company known for having safe, reliable, clean moving trucks? Part of finding the right truck is knowing it won’t break down.

Lastly, mileage is usually an additional charge to the daily rental price, so consider gas prices when choosing the size of truck and the distance you’ll need to travel. As mentioned, you don’t want a truck that’s too small, but you don’t want a truck that’s too big either as it will get fewer miles per gallon, and most importantly, you don’t want your belongings shifting around in the extra space during transportation.