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Helpful hints for finding the right moving trucks

When you are facing a move it can be quite an overwhelming endeavor. It is easy to let the details of the move slip by amongst the packing and time constraints. Here are some tips and things to consider to help you rent a moving truck.

1) Where are you going? This may sound like a silly question but understand that the rates for local trucks and nationwide trucks are very very different. If moving across town or within the state it may be a better idea to go with a company that offers competitive daily rates with a higher per mile rate. If moving across state lines then look for a company that offers an economical daily rate that will allow you to leave the truck at a destination depot rather than returning it to where you rented from

2) Calculate calculate and calculate: Space is key when looking for a truck. The best first step for finding the right company is knowing exactly what size truck you will need. If you overestimate then there will be wasted space and if you underestimate then you will have a panic stricken moving day. There are numerous online room calculators for your use.

3) End of the month is your friend: Towards the end of the month rental agencies are sometimes struggling to meet their quota for the month. Take advantage of their slower numbers to ask for special deals or discounts. Feel free to play one company off of another when it comes to prices. Often they will be able to provide you with amazing discounts or free services just so they can make their number for the month.

4) Insurance: Remember that price is not always king. Your valuables need to be treated as such so do not go with the lowest rate company that doesn’t provide a comprehensive insurance plan. Saving $25 is not worth it if you damage your $1500 plasma TV.

5) Included Features: Be sure to ask the rental agency about moving dollies and blankets. If they are going to charge you a ridiculous amount either go somewhere else or secure the use of these items from friends.

The power of the internet has given consumers a leg up when it comes to finding the right moving company. Most companies will offer free moving quotes in hopes of securing your business. So good luck and happy moving.